Profit MORE By Giving Back

Whatever happens to us after we die… we won’t be able to keep our lifetime’s worth of possessions.

But what we decide to contribute and give to the world can make a real, lasting impact on humanity.

Chris Gertz-Rombach

That’s a pretty loaded thought… 😳

We can work our whole lives to just live and acquire more “stuff” for ourselves or we can do what we can with the gifts, talents, and skills we possess (or have yet to discover) and make other people’s lives infinitely better and help evolve the human race in the process.

The truth is, at the end of the day, your net worth has nothing to do with your human worth... 💸

Society, entertainment, media and the like keep telling us to acquire more, more, more to build up that personal net worth.

But does making more money actually lead to more happiness and achieving that sense of fulfillment we all long for?

I think it certainly can.
However, it depends on what we do with the money and where it goes—

That’s what matters. Who’s hand and heart it ends up falling into and what impact is being made.

That’s why I’ve become obsessed with the idea of FOR-PURPOSE businesses.

(There are other names for it like social purpose business, social entrepreneurship, double/triple bottom line business, and so on…)

But the very basic idea is you run a for-profit business with important non-profit elements to it, so your goal is still to make more money for your business while implementing a socially-driven purpose/mission to work toward.

And what's interesting is if you implement the model correctly for your business, you can actually become a lot MORE profitable by adopting a for-purpose model compared to most standard for-profit businesses only focused on making more money personally for themselves and their stakeholders.

So you're actually MAKING MORE by giving back more! How incredible is that!?

I sincerely believe that this is not only the inevitable evolution of how successful and sustainable organizations will operate in the future, but the best way to reach peak profit for your business, period.

So what am I getting at with this?

If you’ve read this far, it means this is something you’re interested in or at least curious about.

Maybe even something you might be truly passionate about like I am…

If so, I have a free gift for you 🎁🙃

I’ve created a private Facebook group for driven, high-performing social media marketers (consultants, agency owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, employees, employers) who are looking to not only take their business to the 6-7 figure level but also hone in on the “WHY” for their business and implement a deeper purpose to what they do…

Not only so they can leave their mark on the world but help others along the way and profit more through it to keep driving toward that purpose and continue to spread its message exponentially.

The group is called “Profiting For A Powerful Purpose” and you can join by click here or searching “Profiting A Powerful Purpose” on Facebook under Groups.

In the group, you’ll gain access to:

☑ A FREE video showing you the behind-the-scenes of a FB ad campaign I did last week that got an existing client 6.5x ROAS... including the exact copy, targeting, optimization... everything

☑ A FREE extensive client acquisition guide + video, showing you exactly what I say when reaching out to clients who pay me $2k-$10k/month (you can literally copy and paste the scripts in the guide and use them for your own outreach)


☑ Early access to a ton of other free resources, including social media marketing cheat sheets, guides, and blueprints, giving you a sneak peek into exactly what I did to quickly scale Aspire from $5k to $26k/month in 6 months

☑ Tools and interactive conversations (FB Lives) that will help you implement that for-purpose model into your business and understand how it works (there are 6 different models/approaches total that I’ll be discussing)

And that’s not all... mindset tips, interviews with other social media marketing experts, 7-figure agency owners, influencers who make a 6-figure income while traveling the world, musicians, creators, business owners, and others who also believe in having a solid purpose-driven mission for their business.

Honestly, I’ve been prepping this for weeks and weeks and super excited to share this with you guys.

And last thing… I initially named the group “6-figure secrets” so if you’ve already messaged me about that group… it’s the same group but with a bigger mission 🙂

Let’s go out and change the world, see you on the inside!


5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

When determining the success of an Instagram presence, marketers will use a variety of analytics – with none more important than the engagement rate. While it’s great to reach as many people as possible, accounts are typically deemed more successful with high engagement. For example, if an account has 100,000 followers and receives 100 likes per post, would you consider that as successful as an account with 1,000 followers and 100 likes per post? Most likely, the latter is much more impressive, as it shows that your content strategy is high-quality and resonating well with your audience. Are you seeking to connect more with your audience? Check out these 5 ways to increase engagement on Instagram.

5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

1.      Take time to proactively increase numbers by interacting with other users. Instagram, unlike other social media platforms, still features a “like for like” and “follow for follow” etiquette. If someone follows you and likes your posts, it’s typically considered polite to return the follow and like several posts back. So, by initiating follows and likes, you’ll begin to slowly – but steadily – encourage more engagement on your account.

2.      Additionally, make sure to respond to all comments on each post you create. Not only does this bump your post up in the algorithm due to your extra comments and responsiveness, but it also helps you connect with your audience on a more personal level. People love to be interacted with – even a simple “thumbs up” emoji can make your brand seem appealing and encourage more clients.

3.      Perform A/B testing on various posting days and times, as well as on the hashtags you use. Don’t be afraid to try new things with your Instagram posts. Analyze your audience and determine the performance of your posts by varying certain factors. For example, keep track of how many likes your posts get on Mondays compared to Fridays. Then, go further and keep track on how many likes your posts get on Mondays with the hashtag #motivation compared to Fridays with the same hashtag. When you find something that works, stick with it and then keep trying additional methods on other posts to continue positive growth.

4.      Create frequent Instagram Stories. Businesses often neglect the effectiveness of Instagram Stories, which offer an additional opportunity to get out in front of your audience and stay relevant in their minds. Trying to increase engagement on a specific post? Create Stories that alert your followers of new posts and encourage them to go check it out – especially for posts that ask a question to fuel discussion.

5.      Post daily. The most important way to support your efforts in increasing engagement is to post daily – even on the weekends. This boosts organic engagement by ensuring that you appear in the feeds of your followers frequently.

5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Increasing your engagement rate on Instagram is one of the most important factors in crafting a captivating social media presence. Analyze your insights and ensure the content you’re creating is resonating with your audience. Then, take time to implement these five Instagram engagement strategies.

Tip For Marketers: Send Way LESS Cold Emails, Not MORE!

It's funny, in a world filled with technology that's designed to automate systems and make lives easier, I see so many marketers often forget about the human touch...

A lot of my clients I consult for who are freelancers or own their own agencies tell me they send 100+ cold emails/day using software like Yesware or Bananatag with automated CRM systems like Pipedrive integrated with Mailchimp and a million other systems, sending the same messages to everyone and then only getting a handful of replies back (if any).

Typically, 90% never reply, 5% say "no", and the other 5% miiiight be interested but usually don't end up closing.

This happens all the time... and it takes up a lot time...

And it's inefficient.

I love my clients to death but you know why their closing rate is so low?

Because people aren't stupid...

They can tell your emails are sent in batches. They can tell there was little effort put into each one. They can tell that they're only one of hundreds of emails you send to prospects each day...

Don't try and outsmart the customer because you're lazy. They can smell the BS. And depending on your industry, they probably get dozens of these emails a day. You're just another fart in the wind, sailing by, only to eventually evaporate into thin air... 🏃💨✨

Yeahhh ok... soo want to know how to get more clients without sending hundreds of emails every day?


How? We live in the age of the niche. If you try and speak to everyone, you'll speak to no one.

Each and every email you send needs to be highly personalized.

Better to send 10 highly personalized emails than 100 automated emails. I promise you your closing rate will significantly increase.

Don't be lazy... put in that extra effort... 🚀

And here's where the human touch element comes in...

Create. Bloody. Video. Proposals. 😀👋🎥

Create a simple 10-30 second personalized video speaking directly to the prospect. Tell them you looked at their website/social media pages/ads/branding and highlight some areas you can tell they really need help with, and how it's affecting their business/sales.

Tell them this is what you do for a living and you know you can not only fix their issue quickly but can help them get x-y more customers each month (obviously be honest about this, given your track record).

The goal is to get them interested enough to take a 10-minute phone call or meeting with you and then an even longer call or meeting after that with your official proposal.

Keep your video slightly vague so you're not giving too much value away up front. People will try and suck as much out of you as they can for free, don't be a sucker for it.

People want a personal, human connection but they'll also like that you took the time to take a deeper dive into their business—plus, they’ll naturally feel like they’ll need to reciprocate the effort you put into the video and at least hear what you have to say.

Send less emails. Save more time. Close more clients. Boom...

Hope this helps you on your marketing journey, God bless! - Chris Gertz-Rombach


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6 Types of Visuals to Incorporate in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing

In all aspects of business, compelling visuals are important. Whether you’re just starting out with a business model presentation adorned with graph data rather than written statistics, or you’re printing out brochures with beautiful imagery to potential customers, you know the importance of providing memorable visual content. However, there are few areas within your company more essential to leverage visuals than throughout your social media platforms. For example, according to research from BuzzSumo, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3x more engagement than posts with text alone. That is significant when attempting to increase reach and make lasting impressions on customers and clients. Check out these helpful content ideas to start incorporating more visuals into your social media marketing strategy.

1.      Create graphics with stock photography. Graphics with quotes, facts, questions and promotions offer a fantastic way to share information in an entertaining way.

2.      Post an infographic – but only an optimized snippet. People love infographics, so you should have these created regularly. However, make sure to only post a small preview and link out to the rest since the full-size image typically won’t fit. Plus, it’s great for website clicks.

3.      Consider professional photography and videography. This is an invaluable way to capture your brand’s story. Through a professional lens, your business will look appealing and captivating.

4.      Snap a photo from your phone. Don’t underestimate the impact of mixing in casual images too – such as a team member at a conference, a rearranged office desk or even your morning cup of coffee.

5.      Create and host Instagram and Facebook Stories and Live events. Both Instagram and Facebook now have Stories and Live events – utilize these to make more of an interactive visual impression on your audience.

6.      Upload videos regularly. Of course, the best visuals are ones that capture attention quickly – and what better than dynamic imagery in the form of a video? Video posts are placed on a higher priority in most social media platforms’ algorithms, and – overall – people tend to enjoy them when crafted properly.

social media marketing

With the above-mentioned methods in mind, consider these helpful tips for ensuring that visuals perform to the highest ability:

·        Make sure each image or video is sized for the proper platform. Typically, square images and videos will do best across most platforms; however, LinkedIn still uses horizontal sizing.

·        Brand visuals, but don’t go overboard. For example, a quick picture of you and your team doesn’t need a logo – as your faces are the branding for your business in this instance.

·        Keep videos under 1 minute – preferably around 30 seconds when possible. Not only do shorter videos typically get better engagement, but this also helps leverage content for both Facebook and Instagram since the latter platform cuts videos off after 1 minute.

·        If planning to advertise, don’t use too much text on graphics. Facebook will reduce the reach on advertised graphics that have more text than photo space, so save your verbiage for the description and work on ensuring the graphic catches attention instead.

social media marketing

The bottom line? People love to consume content visually. It’s a captivating way to receive information, and typically helps us retain information longer as well. By incorporating a variety of visuals within your social media marketing strategy, you’ll see better engagement with a higher quality social media presence.

5 Solutions to Combat Common Social Media Mistakes Made by Business Owners

Social media mistakes

As a business owner in the modern age of technology, you’re most likely well-aware of the importance of social media in raising your brand’s awareness and visibility. However, as the bridge is made sturdier between business and consumer, increased consumer reach and overall transparency of your company requires a crucial need for more than simply absentminded social media posting, but strategic social media management. Unfortunately, many business owners make an array of errors on their social media platforms that drive followers away when they could be making meaningful connections. Check out these 5 solutions to combat common social media mistakes made by business owners.

1.      Maintain a balance between professional and personal. Although you should generally keep the content on your social media pages professional, don’t be afraid to be friendly with your followers. Your business page isn’t your personal page, so you may want to avoid an over-abundance of emojis and rants; however, adding a bit of humor and lightheartedness here and there can make a lasting impact. Share pictures of your team, say “hello” to commenters and add entertaining posts into the mix.

2.      Incorporate a variety of posts – not just sales and promotions. In addition to remaining friendly on social media, it’s also important to remember that your followers don’t want to see constant reminders of “sales, sales, sales!” Connect with your audience and show them why they should follow you by posting engaging content rather than only promotions.

3.      Understand the differences in approach and formatting on each platform. Every social media network requires a slightly varied technique in posting style. One great example is hashtag use. On Twitter and LinkedIn, you should only use 1-2 targeted hashtags. On Instagram, you should use approximately 10-15 hashtags (or more). On Facebook, however, you should never use hashtags at all – simply because they aren’t often popularly used, so they look out of place. Post on each platform separately to ensure proper formatting.

4.      Ensure your branding is consistent throughout the online world. Logos, titles and usernames should all match across platforms. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, make sure your branding matches to eliminate any confusion among followers.

5.      Don’t try to do everything yourself – when in doubt, hire an expert. As a business owner, your job is to run your business, not to handle your own social media marketing. Eliminate mistakes by spending your working hours wisely on tasks you have time to do and hire educated experts to handle the rest.

Social media mistakes

The content your business shares online can have a massive impact on the way that current and potential customers view your brand, so always make sure that your social media presence is a positive reflection of your company. Post engaging content, have consistent branding and – when needed – delegate the task of social media marketing to an expert to have comfort in knowing that such an important aspect of your business is handled properly.

7 Great Ways to Use Instagram for Your Restaurant

Instagram for Restaurants

1) Invite relevant food bloggers to come in and Instagram your restaurant in exchange for a free entrée. People significantly underestimate this kind of exposure because fans will often go wherever the blogger tells them to go. Numbers aren't everything but we recommend looking for foodie bloggers that have in between 5-50k+ followers and at least 500 likes and at least 20 comments per photo. If they're in this range, it generally means people engage with them well and they have a dedicated following.

2) Search your location and engage (like and comment) on other people's photos in your area. Search your competitors and engage with who is following them. This can be quite time-consuming but rewarding if you want to grow your page and once you see more customers start to come in.

3) Giveaways! One of our clients gives away a $100 gift card every month and we ask people to “like” and share the photo and tag their friends for a chance to win—and each tag is considered an entry. We get hundreds of comments and tags and a lot of exposure as well as people who started following the page to keep up. You don't have to do this every month but once in a while will do you some good. If you want to build your email list, ask people to add in their email for a chance to win. If you promote the post, you can now geo-locate on IG so that will help new people see the giveaway who don’t already like your page. This is a lot more powerful on FB but works well on IG.

(FYI: This list is taken from our "Tip Of The Week" section in our newsletter—sign up to get more of these sent to your inbox twice a month: :)

4) Tell stories about your staff, restaurant, decor, neighborhood etc. Don’t just post photos of the dishes. People are emotional and connect well with a story. How was the dish made? What was the inspiration being a certain piece of decor in the restaurant? Fun fact about the head chef? You get the idea... Also, IG rewards you by showing your photo to more people if someone spends a long time on your post, so do the occasional long caption when you feel inspired :) Also, ask questions so people can answer in the comments. What’s your favorite dish and why? When was the first time you dined with us? Can anyone take a guess as to what our new ice cream flavor is?

5) Obvious—but take good photos... Doesn't always have to be professional but use natural light or make sure the object you're photographing is very well-lit. Try and get some nice ambiance in the background to accompany the dish.

6) Leverage your customers' photos. Search your location check-ins and screenshot the photo and think of a relevant caption. You can give credit by doing something like “📸:: @sallylovesfood” and use 5-10 relevant hashtags related to the photo.

7) Dedicate a restaurant hashtag and use it for all your photos. Your customers will start using it as well and you can search to see what people are posting.

To learn more about how Instagram and Facebook can help your restaurant bring in 10-30%+ more customers within 90 days (or if you need an expert to do these 7 things for you), schedule a FREE strategy call with us here:

How A Restaurant Got 20x Its Average Sales in 2 Days

Let’s face it, what restaurant owner doesn’t dream of a packed house with lines out the door?

Well, it can happen with a little social media help…

Global News / Via

Global News / Via

Like many, John McMillan dreamed of having a restaurant. That dream came true when he opened Whitbie’s Fish and Chips. With everything in place, McMillan’s restaurant sparkled, ready for customers.

The days rolled by into months — into years — but barely anyone came.

It wasn’t until marketer Colin Ross discovered the restaurant, that McMillan’s business started to pick up — quickly.

After eating at Whitbie’s Fish and Chips, Ross couldn’t believe that this clean restaurant, serving fantastic fish and chips, by a “good-hearted, super awesome guy” was empty.

So, Ross took action. He created a sincere, heart-felt Facebook post that told McMillan’s story, also urging local people to share the post and to check out the fish and chips restaurant.

The results were staggering.

People started flocking to Whitbie’s Fish and Chips — one day, four hundred customers, the next, five hundred. The lines snaked around the restaurant and out the door on a regular basis. John ended up increasing his restaurant sales by 20x in only two days. All because of a Facebook post.

Why Social Media Works So Well for Restaurants (If Done Correctly)

In today’s digital world, social media is probably the easiest and best form of discovering a restaurant. Customers “found” Whitbie’s Fish and Chips through a simple Facebook post that took less than 15 minutes to set up using little to no money to promote it. People shared the post, engaged with it, and started flocking to the restaurant.

Consider this…

There are 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook

1.74 billion people access Facebook with their mobile device

That means targeting the right audience with a well-crafted Facebook post or ad can trigger a “Whitbie’s” response, as in, “This restaurant sounds great and it’s close by — let’s go!”

Here’s the exciting part…

Restaurants can create a social media marketing plan that precisely targets customers by interest(s), location, age, gender, income, and much more…

For example, the Ocho Mexican Grill in L.A. ran a Facebook ad campaignthat targeted local customers that fit their target audience demographic. Here’s how it went:

- The restaurant reached 21,233 people within a 3-mile radius
- They invested $2.01 per thousand impressions (CPM)
- Local customers each saw the ad a total of 2.35 times throughout the campaign

So, for the customers looking to have lunch close to work, Ocho Mexican Grill was on their mind and in the perfect location.

Not bad!

However, Geoffrey’s Malibu hired us to run a similar Facebook Ad campaign and the results were 3x more effective…

- The restaurant reached 60,152 people within a 25-mile radius
- They invested a maximum of $.01 per video view
- OpenTable reservations were integrated into the ad, resulting in 300+ reservations within the first 5 days through the ad alone

A screenshot of the Facebook ad

A screenshot of the Facebook ad

We used our unique marketing and restaurant industry expertise to maximize every dollar spent and focus on real results: actually getting people into the restaurant. We also put together a content-focused marketing plan ahead of time to ensure our client was properly set up for success before putting out the ad.

Remember that using Facebook and Instagram to get “lines out the door” requires developing a strong social media strategy. Of course, there are also key social media “tricks” restaurants can implement in their strategies that put them ahead of the competition:

Customers Will Remember a Story

Every restaurant has a story to tell. For John McMillan, it was about leaving Scotland and sharing his treasured cuisine with his new community.

Customers want to hear these stories. They’ll love how a restaurant creates dishes, say, from their rooftop garden. And they’ll remember how a local brewery partnered with a restaurant to develop an exclusive brew.

The storytelling opportunities are endless. And they’re a powerful tool for connecting with customers — before they ever get to the restaurant and long after they leave.

Think about it:

Eating is a sensory experience. And, as they say, customers “eat with their eyes” first. So, it’s important to ignite that visual sense. And what better way to do that than with powerful images and video content?

Great Photos Create Desire

A few photos we shot for Geoffrey’s Malibu.

A few photos we shot for Geoffrey’s Malibu.

Customers want to see what restaurants make. And they love quality food images.

So, when a restaurant presents images of its artfully plated food to customers on Facebook and Instagram, they’re inspiring people, bringing them up close to the food, and to the table.

Professional Video Feeds Curiosity

People are naturally curious — which is why customers love to get a glimpse “behind the scenes.” And if the head chef and/or owner of the restaurant is showing them around — even better.

Video content creates real-time interest. That might include a video of the chef preparing a new dish on the menu. Or maybe a short how-to video for making a popular drink from the bar. And, of course, a video tour of the restaurant — with the head chef — would certainly be a big win!

The thing is, if a customer can see the restaurant in action, they feel part of the food experience — before they even walk in the door.

Bringing Everything Together

With the right approach, social media marketing offers restaurants the opportunity to get more foot traffic, create customer loyalty and, of course, increase revenue.

And when that strategy includes powerful, visual content, customers respond with their feet.

Product (food/service/ambiance) + content (story) + visuals (photo/video) + distribution (social media/advertising) all need to work together holistically in order to trigger an action that will turn a potential customer into a loyal customer.

The end result?

Restaurant owners enjoy a packed restaurant with happy customers and lines out the door — every night.

That’s the magic formula that helped John skyrocket his restaurant and the magic formula that many successful world-class restaurants use in their marketing every single day.

So if you’re a restaurant owner or manager looking to drastically increase your restaurant’s sales in a short period of time, schedule a free call with us today and we’ll audit your restaurant’s marketing efforts and give you free advice to help take your business to the next level. Our goal is to at least double or even triple our client’s foot traffic within the next five to six months of working with us.

You can also learn more about us by visiting our website.