Profit MORE By Giving Back

Whatever happens to us after we die… we won’t be able to keep our lifetime’s worth of possessions.

But what we decide to contribute and give to the world can make a real, lasting impact on humanity.

Chris Gertz-Rombach

That’s a pretty loaded thought… 😳

We can work our whole lives to just live and acquire more “stuff” for ourselves or we can do what we can with the gifts, talents, and skills we possess (or have yet to discover) and make other people’s lives infinitely better and help evolve the human race in the process.

The truth is, at the end of the day, your net worth has nothing to do with your human worth... 💸

Society, entertainment, media and the like keep telling us to acquire more, more, more to build up that personal net worth.

But does making more money actually lead to more happiness and achieving that sense of fulfillment we all long for?

I think it certainly can.
However, it depends on what we do with the money and where it goes—

That’s what matters. Who’s hand and heart it ends up falling into and what impact is being made.

That’s why I’ve become obsessed with the idea of FOR-PURPOSE businesses.

(There are other names for it like social purpose business, social entrepreneurship, double/triple bottom line business, and so on…)

But the very basic idea is you run a for-profit business with important non-profit elements to it, so your goal is still to make more money for your business while implementing a socially-driven purpose/mission to work toward.

And what's interesting is if you implement the model correctly for your business, you can actually become a lot MORE profitable by adopting a for-purpose model compared to most standard for-profit businesses only focused on making more money personally for themselves and their stakeholders.

So you're actually MAKING MORE by giving back more! How incredible is that!?

I sincerely believe that this is not only the inevitable evolution of how successful and sustainable organizations will operate in the future, but the best way to reach peak profit for your business, period.

So what am I getting at with this?

If you’ve read this far, it means this is something you’re interested in or at least curious about.

Maybe even something you might be truly passionate about like I am…

If so, I have a free gift for you 🎁🙃

I’ve created a private Facebook group for driven, high-performing social media marketers (consultants, agency owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, employees, employers) who are looking to not only take their business to the 6-7 figure level but also hone in on the “WHY” for their business and implement a deeper purpose to what they do…

Not only so they can leave their mark on the world but help others along the way and profit more through it to keep driving toward that purpose and continue to spread its message exponentially.

The group is called “Profiting For A Powerful Purpose” and you can join by click here or searching “Profiting A Powerful Purpose” on Facebook under Groups.

In the group, you’ll gain access to:

☑ A FREE video showing you the behind-the-scenes of a FB ad campaign I did last week that got an existing client 6.5x ROAS... including the exact copy, targeting, optimization... everything

☑ A FREE extensive client acquisition guide + video, showing you exactly what I say when reaching out to clients who pay me $2k-$10k/month (you can literally copy and paste the scripts in the guide and use them for your own outreach)


☑ Early access to a ton of other free resources, including social media marketing cheat sheets, guides, and blueprints, giving you a sneak peek into exactly what I did to quickly scale Aspire from $5k to $26k/month in 6 months

☑ Tools and interactive conversations (FB Lives) that will help you implement that for-purpose model into your business and understand how it works (there are 6 different models/approaches total that I’ll be discussing)

And that’s not all... mindset tips, interviews with other social media marketing experts, 7-figure agency owners, influencers who make a 6-figure income while traveling the world, musicians, creators, business owners, and others who also believe in having a solid purpose-driven mission for their business.

Honestly, I’ve been prepping this for weeks and weeks and super excited to share this with you guys.

And last thing… I initially named the group “6-figure secrets” so if you’ve already messaged me about that group… it’s the same group but with a bigger mission 🙂

Let’s go out and change the world, see you on the inside!