5 Solutions to Combat Common Social Media Mistakes Made by Business Owners

Social media mistakes

As a business owner in the modern age of technology, you’re most likely well-aware of the importance of social media in raising your brand’s awareness and visibility. However, as the bridge is made sturdier between business and consumer, increased consumer reach and overall transparency of your company requires a crucial need for more than simply absentminded social media posting, but strategic social media management. Unfortunately, many business owners make an array of errors on their social media platforms that drive followers away when they could be making meaningful connections. Check out these 5 solutions to combat common social media mistakes made by business owners.

1.      Maintain a balance between professional and personal. Although you should generally keep the content on your social media pages professional, don’t be afraid to be friendly with your followers. Your business page isn’t your personal page, so you may want to avoid an over-abundance of emojis and rants; however, adding a bit of humor and lightheartedness here and there can make a lasting impact. Share pictures of your team, say “hello” to commenters and add entertaining posts into the mix.

2.      Incorporate a variety of posts – not just sales and promotions. In addition to remaining friendly on social media, it’s also important to remember that your followers don’t want to see constant reminders of “sales, sales, sales!” Connect with your audience and show them why they should follow you by posting engaging content rather than only promotions.

3.      Understand the differences in approach and formatting on each platform. Every social media network requires a slightly varied technique in posting style. One great example is hashtag use. On Twitter and LinkedIn, you should only use 1-2 targeted hashtags. On Instagram, you should use approximately 10-15 hashtags (or more). On Facebook, however, you should never use hashtags at all – simply because they aren’t often popularly used, so they look out of place. Post on each platform separately to ensure proper formatting.

4.      Ensure your branding is consistent throughout the online world. Logos, titles and usernames should all match across platforms. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, make sure your branding matches to eliminate any confusion among followers.

5.      Don’t try to do everything yourself – when in doubt, hire an expert. As a business owner, your job is to run your business, not to handle your own social media marketing. Eliminate mistakes by spending your working hours wisely on tasks you have time to do and hire educated experts to handle the rest.

Social media mistakes

The content your business shares online can have a massive impact on the way that current and potential customers view your brand, so always make sure that your social media presence is a positive reflection of your company. Post engaging content, have consistent branding and – when needed – delegate the task of social media marketing to an expert to have comfort in knowing that such an important aspect of your business is handled properly.