6 Types of Visuals to Incorporate in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing

In all aspects of business, compelling visuals are important. Whether you’re just starting out with a business model presentation adorned with graph data rather than written statistics, or you’re printing out brochures with beautiful imagery to potential customers, you know the importance of providing memorable visual content. However, there are few areas within your company more essential to leverage visuals than throughout your social media platforms. For example, according to research from BuzzSumo, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3x more engagement than posts with text alone. That is significant when attempting to increase reach and make lasting impressions on customers and clients. Check out these helpful content ideas to start incorporating more visuals into your social media marketing strategy.

1.      Create graphics with stock photography. Graphics with quotes, facts, questions and promotions offer a fantastic way to share information in an entertaining way.

2.      Post an infographic – but only an optimized snippet. People love infographics, so you should have these created regularly. However, make sure to only post a small preview and link out to the rest since the full-size image typically won’t fit. Plus, it’s great for website clicks.

3.      Consider professional photography and videography. This is an invaluable way to capture your brand’s story. Through a professional lens, your business will look appealing and captivating.

4.      Snap a photo from your phone. Don’t underestimate the impact of mixing in casual images too – such as a team member at a conference, a rearranged office desk or even your morning cup of coffee.

5.      Create and host Instagram and Facebook Stories and Live events. Both Instagram and Facebook now have Stories and Live events – utilize these to make more of an interactive visual impression on your audience.

6.      Upload videos regularly. Of course, the best visuals are ones that capture attention quickly – and what better than dynamic imagery in the form of a video? Video posts are placed on a higher priority in most social media platforms’ algorithms, and – overall – people tend to enjoy them when crafted properly.

social media marketing

With the above-mentioned methods in mind, consider these helpful tips for ensuring that visuals perform to the highest ability:

·        Make sure each image or video is sized for the proper platform. Typically, square images and videos will do best across most platforms; however, LinkedIn still uses horizontal sizing.

·        Brand visuals, but don’t go overboard. For example, a quick picture of you and your team doesn’t need a logo – as your faces are the branding for your business in this instance.

·        Keep videos under 1 minute – preferably around 30 seconds when possible. Not only do shorter videos typically get better engagement, but this also helps leverage content for both Facebook and Instagram since the latter platform cuts videos off after 1 minute.

·        If planning to advertise, don’t use too much text on graphics. Facebook will reduce the reach on advertised graphics that have more text than photo space, so save your verbiage for the description and work on ensuring the graphic catches attention instead.

social media marketing

The bottom line? People love to consume content visually. It’s a captivating way to receive information, and typically helps us retain information longer as well. By incorporating a variety of visuals within your social media marketing strategy, you’ll see better engagement with a higher quality social media presence.