Tip For Marketers: Send Way LESS Cold Emails, Not MORE!

It's funny, in a world filled with technology that's designed to automate systems and make lives easier, I see so many marketers often forget about the human touch...

A lot of my clients I consult for who are freelancers or own their own agencies tell me they send 100+ cold emails/day using software like Yesware or Bananatag with automated CRM systems like Pipedrive integrated with Mailchimp and a million other systems, sending the same messages to everyone and then only getting a handful of replies back (if any).

Typically, 90% never reply, 5% say "no", and the other 5% miiiight be interested but usually don't end up closing.

This happens all the time... and it takes up a lot time...

And it's inefficient.

I love my clients to death but you know why their closing rate is so low?

Because people aren't stupid...

They can tell your emails are sent in batches. They can tell there was little effort put into each one. They can tell that they're only one of hundreds of emails you send to prospects each day...

Don't try and outsmart the customer because you're lazy. They can smell the BS. And depending on your industry, they probably get dozens of these emails a day. You're just another fart in the wind, sailing by, only to eventually evaporate into thin air... 🏃💨✨

Yeahhh ok... soo want to know how to get more clients without sending hundreds of emails every day?


How? We live in the age of the niche. If you try and speak to everyone, you'll speak to no one.

Each and every email you send needs to be highly personalized.

Better to send 10 highly personalized emails than 100 automated emails. I promise you your closing rate will significantly increase.

Don't be lazy... put in that extra effort... 🚀

And here's where the human touch element comes in...

Create. Bloody. Video. Proposals. 😀👋🎥

Create a simple 10-30 second personalized video speaking directly to the prospect. Tell them you looked at their website/social media pages/ads/branding and highlight some areas you can tell they really need help with, and how it's affecting their business/sales.

Tell them this is what you do for a living and you know you can not only fix their issue quickly but can help them get x-y more customers each month (obviously be honest about this, given your track record).

The goal is to get them interested enough to take a 10-minute phone call or meeting with you and then an even longer call or meeting after that with your official proposal.

Keep your video slightly vague so you're not giving too much value away up front. People will try and suck as much out of you as they can for free, don't be a sucker for it.

People want a personal, human connection but they'll also like that you took the time to take a deeper dive into their business—plus, they’ll naturally feel like they’ll need to reciprocate the effort you put into the video and at least hear what you have to say.

Send less emails. Save more time. Close more clients. Boom...

Hope this helps you on your marketing journey, God bless! - Chris Gertz-Rombach


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