Beats by Dre - Driving Powerbeats2 Wireless to be the #1 best-selling earphone in the United States

In June 2014, Beats launched Powerbeats2 Wireless with the goal of owning the wireless earphone market and becoming the go-to earphone for athletes and sports enthusiasts. 

By December 2014, we helped Powerbeats2 Wireless became the #1 selling wireless earphone in the United States, selling 62,000 units on average per week.

This was accomplished through developing a campaign focused on partnering with world-class athletes, showcasing their powerful training methods using Powerbeats2 Wireless and the emotion of music.

We helped capture their training routines through a series of compelling videos and helped market them through a robust social media push and effective online ads


The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Generating buzz and a viral hit with 1M+ views through the "Witness Greatness" Campaign

In an effort to drive buzz for the 58th GRAMMY Awards in 2016, The Recording Academy launched the "Witness Greatness" campaign all across the US, with social media being a leading focus for its marketing distribution.

We helped execute the campaign through developing eye-catching pieces of visual content, including creating a series of graphics optimized for social media and helping launch a short film with Kendrick Lamar, celebrating his hometown of Compton and his GRAMMY-winning song, "Alright." 

The video garnered over 1 million organic views shortly after its release which generated a lot of online and PR buzz, with Kendrick became the most talked-about artist surrounding the awards show that year. 


Dairy Queen - Increasing brand awareness and online engagement by over 600%

Aspire was hired to consult and help revamp the social media marketing process and execution for six Dairy Queen locations in the United States, with the goal of significantly increasing brand awareness and online engagement that will translate into sales.

We developed a brand new content curation process, distribution strategy, and took over daily posting for over one month to showcase our new and improved process for these select locations.

After the first month of taking over, page likes increased at an average of 1,100% across all locations, as well as a 678% increase in post engagements, and 570% increase in reach compared to previous MoM growth for previous months—as well as a 13% increase in sales YoY


Geoffrey's Malibu - Increasing table covers by 27% and building social media pages to over 20,000 followers to date

Geoffrey's Malibu hired us to revamp and manage all of their social media channels, build a brand new website, as well as create a compelling short film—with the goal of improving its online presence and increasing foot traffic through bookings.

After immediately implementing some of our unique Facebook Ad marketing techniques, table covers increased 27% MoM via OpenTable and page likes have increased consistently on average by 16% MoM, resulting in higher brand awareness and foot traffic.

Geoffrey's new website has also resulted in a 30% increase in traffic on average compared to their old website.  


Säpp Birch Water - Developing brand awareness for an innovative beverage in a crowded market

We were tasked with educating Säpp's target market about its unique products as well as advertising to "cold" audiences who have never heard of this one-of-a-kind beverage before.

We did this by creating engaging photo & video content while also managing Säpp's social media channels and online ads—with the goals of increasing brand awareness and driving sales via Amazon.com.

Within two months of running their pages and one week of running Facebook ads, we generated over 3,000 clicks at a 20-30c cost per result for their $19 six-pack cases on Amazon.com.


Emo Night Brooklyn - Driving show sales through Facebook Ads at 6x return on ad spend

Emo Night Brooklyn is an events company that puts on music shows across the country for thousands of emo music fans every week.

Aspire was hired to re-vamp their branding from the ground up including research, positioning, ideation, and messaging, as well as running social media ads.

After the revamp, we helped ENB increase event awareness through Facebook Ads, bringing in a lot more people to their shows, getting event responses down to an average of 50c - $1.50 per person for a $10-$15 ticket to each show, resulting in an average 6x return on ad spend.


71Above - Celebrating one year with a video that reached over 30,000 organic views

For its one year anniversary, 71Above partnered with Aspire to shoot a compelling video highlighting the beauty of the restaurant and its deep roots tied to Los Angeles.

The video quickly gained attention and has garnered over 30,000 views organically, helping put 71Above in the spotlight and making it one of the most attractive and respected fine dining restaurants in LA.